A desire to be expatriated!

First why!

When you take stock of your financial situation, rent, credit, pension, .... even if Belgium offers a certain social security, you soon realize that your purchasing power will be limited.

The question arises therefore: should everything sell and buy smaller, rent after selling, a lot of trouble while daring to ask a few questions, your life can take a turn more than interesting. Besides remaining undecided in your situation, you will lose precious time and will repel the economic truth only a few years !!!

You have to dare.

In France, future pensioners have understood this. So why not think a little more about his future !!! Whether you are young, active, future pensioner or pensioner, you must prepare for the future of your family and also think about yourself.

Spain has always been considered the most attractive country in terms of real estate. Far from wanting to criticize Spanish real estate, I would like to communicate to you another alternative .....


Thanks to its temperate climate, its proximity (2h30 by plane with very low costs) and the kindness of its inhabitants, PORTUGAL becomes a new destination very appreciated.

Some will have a suspicious approach, how to cope with the language, where to go, who to contact, how it happens with insurance, different prices, how to buy a property, who can I contact in order to Help me in all these steps?

Who can I contact to help me with all these steps?

Well we're here!

If you want to inquire, go there, get some information, have a return from people who have settled there (direct contact with these people who want to contribute to our message with confidence), contact us. We can accompany you on site, get the answers to your questions, serve as a link with a real estate agency, with insurance, learn about the various administrative procedures ....

Several families or couples have trusted us for the organization of their trip, purchase and especially their departure.

Do not hesitate to contact us, it is with great pleasure that we will give you the urge to push your curiosity towards PORTUGAL.


Click on contact details and fill out the form. If you would like a more formal contact, all our information is displayed clearly or just leave a small message at the bottom of this post.

Let us think with you, everything is possible when you are well accompanied




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