Portuguese specialties

Grilled fish, chicken, cooking pots with different preparations are the No. 1 asset of Portuguese cuisine.

Olive oil is used for all preparations.

When ordering meals for 2 people, you should know that you will get a flat for 3 or 4 depending on appetites. On the map, you will see 1/2 DOSE This corresponds to a person. DOSE 1 to 2 people.

It is better to order a dish, see where you are and recommend afterwards. All restaurants accept.

It often happens that some couples take a daily for 2, a dessert for 2..ne not worry, they have a habit and you will be served as well.

The prices are very affordable, stroll and compare. You can find wine bottles for 3 or 4 euros (house wine), again, please.

You will find all the known softwares. For beer lovers, super bock and sagres very similar to our Belgian beers.

The BACALHAU (cod) 1000 can be cooked in different ways, so if you find a kitchen that you have appreciated, this may change a tad on the other.


Bon Appetite

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