Races / Sale

In the small town of Costa Da Caparica, you will find all the necessary shops in races to fill the frigo.Des small shopping centers and the streets filled with small shops of all kinds. You will not be drowned in the shopping ... just right.

A huge shopping center is 5 km, The ALMADA FORUM (http://www.almadaforum.com/), with 250 stores in the first 2 floors and the 3rd, 40 restaurants to suit all tastes. Free underground parking. Jumbo supermarket (Auchan) is installed in the walls.

The balances are held in Portugal with two main periods:

Before Christmas until mid-January.

From early July to mid-September.

These are real balances with% -90% up.

35 km from Costa is built the city of ALCOCHETE (http://www.freeport.pt/). A shopping center in the open including all major brands of clothing, accessories and other, and while TAX FREE. During the sales, it is the perfect place to change her dress or expand guard. We will post some pictures of this place. Balance + free same tax on all major brands.

In Lisbon, also you can find good markdowns. A walk in the many streets and squares, shops offer the latest fashions.

Do not say anything, you have to discover for yourself ....

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