• New offer!!!


    The rental offer is improving. We are pleased to offer you a house with pool in Marisol (Charneca da Caparica).

    Near the beaches of Costa and Serra Arrabida (for nature lovers), this villa has a large swimming pool and can accommodate up to 16 people (with conditions). bus stop 50 m, to go to Lisbon, small shops, restaurants and all facilities within 300m.N'hésitez not to browse the pictures in the description tab ... As with the 3 apartments house Costa center, we listen to all requests and offer the same quality service. customized offer for everyone !!!

    Regarding the Villa Marisol, a person waiting for you on the day of arrival in order to better explain the operation and the situation around the house.

    Reservations and requests are coming already. If you wish to book and pay a small deposit to block your stay, we are open to offers.

    Our contact details are listed on the home page .....

  • Join Portugal with car 15 NEW !!!

    Hello to all travelers,

    If you wish to reach Portugal by car, here are some tips:

    You all know that certain roads in France, Spain and Portugal are paying. So carefully calculate all costs, diesel or Esssence, frequent stops and costly, large maintenance and small repairs often before leaving, travel fatigue, increased risk of accidents, caps, etc ...

    I do not want to discourage you but we've also done several times and since we fly, the holidays begin right away and rested.

    Arrival in Portugal:

    Since 2014, when you arrive on the Portuguese territory by national or highways, you are invited to go out on a parking area and / or supplies to Register. And with a credit card and car plate. You will receive a receipt, to treasure, because in case police check, you will have it.

    Along your journey, you will see small porches with, every time the price of your passage. Ride at your ease, everything is accounted for and deducted from your credit card.

    Also know for novice travel by car, the start is very happy. We are on vacation, everything is good.

    But the return is often morose, the holidays are over, the fatigue of the journey and so many good memories in mind, the return seems long, long .... Disappointed

    Just little advice, I did not share with airlines.

    Good trip

  • Reservations on the site

    Hi all,

    Following numerous requests, we have added the PAYPAL formula for all bookings. If desired, it is possible for you at the end of your booking request, to pay part or all of your rental. By this formula, you are guaranteed to block the required dates.

    Sometimes we get a request and confirmation until much later. Unfortunately, we can not allow an application pending for months.

    The site is updated directly when booking. For Carnival, Easter and summer, we have received many requests, confirmations will be entered immediately.

    In the last 3 months we have hosted many people. We are listening to all boards.

    PAYPAL payment mode appears at the end of your reservation when you confirmed. You will be asked a minimum amount 15% deposit. If you want to deposit more, you can change the amount.

    In late booking, a deposit of 50% is required.

    Do not hesitate to contact us for more information ....

    See you soon

  • Indian summer in Costa

    Hello everyone,

    Good holiday periods or visits to Costa are not limited to 2 months of summer. September and October have very similar summer temperatures. From November to February, the days, the sun is often present and you can enjoy the terraces to eat or quench your thirst. In the evening a small vest enough. Especially in our temperatures are often low. Starting in March, the degrees date back to as.

    The beaches remain accessible. In 2013, the month of October, the water was 21 degrees, not bad for an ocean. Temperatures from 22 to 30 degrees ...

    On March 14, we spent a week in the sun and with peaks up to 28 ° in the sun ...

    When you look on euronews or on other sites, temperatures are often underestimated. Moreover Costa Da Caparica has a more temperate climate, the Portuguese even speak of microclimate.

    Various shops and restaurants are open all year round and even on the beaches you will find open all year and especially excellent restaurants.

    Visit Lisbon and its surroundings can be done throughout the year as well, because in Portugal, festivals and performances occur over months.

    Additionally, back end and if you take your tickets early, you will enjoy great rates to reach the capital.

    If you still hesitate a little, please contact us, it is with pleasure that we will inform you at best.

     The gang of 4

  • Sports in Costa

    Hello everyone,


    For athletes, Costa invites you to discover all sea sports.

    Costa beaches are popular for surfing ... Different schools will offer introductory courses or advanced ...

    After two hours it will stand on its surfing ... Summer and winter ...

    Various clubs offer an initiation day.

    A dike to perform jogging, beaches for "ball" sports, "rackets" ... bicycle hire all kinds for sweet or sporting walks.

    Golfers will find the Melia Aldeia 1.5 km and 9 holes. We especially recommend the beautiful Aroeira club, located at the end of the beaches, accessible by car or bus. Two 18 holes, well shaded, in a rural and beautiful setting. We can, depending on the time and availability, to provide you with an invitation to discover this magnificent course.

    To relax in the center of Costa, a thalassotherapy center, 2 minutes from the house.

    Pool and tennis courts are also nearby ...

    We will post pictures and links to all these places.

  • For young and old

    For smaller, Costa, a park 100m from the house, open to all children in a protected playground and in the middle of nature. For older children, a natural park with downhill courses from tree to tree, paintball, etc ... just opened its doors at the entrance to the beaches of St Antonio, 500 yards on the boulevard which is located home.

    A funfair is open from 14h to ... every day during the summer. Said a market "Brazilian" holds up to 50m of this carnival. Lively music, cocktails, local food, and permanent market artisanal.

    Various restaurants / bars have a surf school and you can sign up for a limited time. All very professional and framed.

    Surfing is a major activity in Costa Da Caparica. (See video)

    The Portuguese population is very close to the children, everything is in place for the latter are acceuillis everywhere without restriction.

    Between these two parks, outdoor pool awaits you. Very large, clean. Of large umbrellas are available, deckchairs, part hard and one with grass to accommodate beach towels. The price is very moderate, with unlimited eye heures.

    good fun

  • Races / Sale

    In the small town of Costa Da Caparica, you will find all the necessary shops in races to fill the frigo.Des small shopping centers and the streets filled with small shops of all kinds. You will not be drowned in the shopping ... just right.

    A huge shopping center is 5 km, The ALMADA FORUM (, with 250 stores in the first 2 floors and the 3rd, 40 restaurants to suit all tastes. Free underground parking. Jumbo supermarket (Auchan) is installed in the walls.

    The balances are held in Portugal with two main periods:

    Before Christmas until mid-January.

    From early July to mid-September.

    These are real balances with% -90% up.

    35 km from Costa is built the city of ALCOCHETE ( A shopping center in the open including all major brands of clothing, accessories and other, and while TAX FREE. During the sales, it is the perfect place to change her dress or expand guard. We will post some pictures of this place. Balance + free same tax on all major brands.

    In Lisbon, also you can find good markdowns. A walk in the many streets and squares, shops offer the latest fashions.

    Do not say anything, you have to discover for yourself ....

  • Walks NEW15 !!!

    Portugal holds a lot of beautiful places. Ask us and we will inform you of the towns and villages not to be missed.

    The population is very sociable, we always try to understand you despite the language barrier.

    The roads are much better than ours, some small payages.

    From north to south, the landscape changes. At each corner specialty, monuments, beaches ......

    To rent a car, look at the links. Upon arrival at Lisbon airport, is very knowledgeable and quick.

    We have also put links airlines live the affluent Lisbon (Ryanair, Vueling, Brussels Airlines, TAP, Air France, ...)Óbidos (Aveiro)

    And many more ...

    Bon voyage and do not forget, we are here to help you, even in your rental procedures or purchasing airline tickets.