Join Portugal with car 15 NEW !!!

Hello to all travelers,

If you wish to reach Portugal by car, here are some tips:

You all know that certain roads in France, Spain and Portugal are paying. So carefully calculate all costs, diesel or Esssence, frequent stops and costly, large maintenance and small repairs often before leaving, travel fatigue, increased risk of accidents, caps, etc ...

I do not want to discourage you but we've also done several times and since we fly, the holidays begin right away and rested.

Arrival in Portugal:

Since 2014, when you arrive on the Portuguese territory by national or highways, you are invited to go out on a parking area and / or supplies to Register. And with a credit card and car plate. You will receive a receipt, to treasure, because in case police check, you will have it.

Along your journey, you will see small porches with, every time the price of your passage. Ride at your ease, everything is accounted for and deducted from your credit card.

Also know for novice travel by car, the start is very happy. We are on vacation, everything is good.

But the return is often morose, the holidays are over, the fatigue of the journey and so many good memories in mind, the return seems long, long .... Disappointed

Just little advice, I did not share with airlines.

Good trip

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