Indian summer in Costa

Hello everyone,

Good holiday periods or visits to Costa are not limited to 2 months of summer. September and October have very similar summer temperatures. From November to February, the days, the sun is often present and you can enjoy the terraces to eat or quench your thirst. In the evening a small vest enough. Especially in our temperatures are often low. Starting in March, the degrees date back to as.

The beaches remain accessible. In 2013, the month of October, the water was 21 degrees, not bad for an ocean. Temperatures from 22 to 30 degrees ...

On March 14, we spent a week in the sun and with peaks up to 28 ° in the sun ...

When you look on euronews or on other sites, temperatures are often underestimated. Moreover Costa Da Caparica has a more temperate climate, the Portuguese even speak of microclimate.

Various shops and restaurants are open all year round and even on the beaches you will find open all year and especially excellent restaurants.

Visit Lisbon and its surroundings can be done throughout the year as well, because in Portugal, festivals and performances occur over months.

Additionally, back end and if you take your tickets early, you will enjoy great rates to reach the capital.

If you still hesitate a little, please contact us, it is with pleasure that we will inform you at best.

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